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A San Antonio, Texas based law firm representing individuals in fighting for their rights in the workplace.  The firm is headed by Lance C. Blankenship, an experienced employment lawyer who started his career representing local businesses and national corporations against employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims, and then he spent years taking the fight to the companies on behalf of the worker at Texas’ largest employee rights law firm.  Now, we offer the same extensive legal expertise, made affordable to you.

Fighting For Worker's Rights

We care about your rights as an employee, and believe that you deserve to be treated fairly in the workplace.

Experienced Counsel

Mr. Blankenship has over 15 years of experience in working with everything from large corporations to the individuals who work for them.

Reasonable Costs

At The Blankenship Firm, we understand that it’s important for legal assistance to be affordable. We make every effort to provide you with excellent service for a reasonable cost.
Best Employment Lawyer San Antonio TX

Voted 2018 S.A. Scene Best Lawyer In Employment Litigation

The San Antonio Scene is comprehensive local magazine that covers our city. Inside are fun and engaging articles on everything from local culture, to travel, to San Antonio’s business and services community. In 2013, Lance Blankenship was voted as one of the area’s “rising stars” by his peers in the legal field. Now, five years later, and Mr. Blankenship continues to be recognized in the Scene – now as one of “the best” labor and employment attorneys in San Antonio – by popular vote of his peers.

Mr. Blankenship is honored to receive these recognitions and looks forward to continuing to serve individuals in San Antonio with their employment issues.

Our Employment Law Services for Individuals Include:

Internal Employment Complaints  // Severance Negotiations  // EEOC Investigations //Retaliation Protections  // Wage Claims // Litigation  // Much more…

Legal Articles & Common Questions

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Do I Need A Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

To determine whether you need a sexual harassment lawyer, we'll first define what sexual harassment is and then provide a quick overview of some of the different types that happen. What Is Sexual Harassment? The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has this...

What Types Of Workplace Discrimination Am I Protected Against?

What Types Of Workplace Discrimination Am I Protected Against?

What Is Discrimination? Much like retaliation, the word 'discrimination' often brings a very specific scenario to mind. Most people will think of being fired (or not being hired in the first place) because of their race or sex. While that scenario does fall under the...

Signs You May Be The Victim Of Workplace Retaliation

Signs You May Be The Victim Of Workplace Retaliation

What Is Retaliation? Retaliation, simply defined, is when an employer or supervisor makes an adverse employment decision because an employee exercised their rights in a way the employer didn't like. For example, if you felt you were being sexually harassed and you...

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